I first became attracted to Louis Vuitton products some years ago because of the styling and the apparent quality of workmanship. When I did some internet searching and found a vintage handbag that I was able to buy for myself, I was thrilled to learn that my instincts were correct. That first bag of mine was at least twenty years old, but it was in mint condition. Not only was the design very beautiful but the construction was extremely durable. I fell in love with the bag instantly and quickly developed a passion for learning more about high quality fashion items of this type. This passion of mine has grown over the years and continues stronger than ever today!

Searching for good deals on items was a lot of fun, and as I continued to learn more about the entire process, it became an avid, but highly involved hobby for me. There are many issues to deal with in locating and buying high quality vintage items, especially over the internet. Simply finding a good product and confirming its authenticity is no easy task by itself.

There can also be a lot of competition for the products, and negotiating a fair price is often a challenge. Eventually, however; I learned how to develop an effective strategy and I gained confidence in my ability to buy and sell these prized items. One important thing I learned is that there a lot of online sellers making false claims about their items in order to make a buck for themselves. Gaining the skills to see through such scams and avoid them became crucial. When some of my friends started asking me to find deals for them because they feared that they would be taken advantage of, I realized an opportunity to transform my hobby into a viable business, and I have been working to do exactly that for the past eight years.

At this writing, I have sold over 4,500 vintage, luxury items for buyers seeking my service! My experience allows me to locate high quality items myself, and I have also established a network of honest sellers who find good deals for me on excellent products, which I am able to offer to buyers at very favorable prices.

I carefully package and ship every item I sell, and I make extra effort to give everyone an honest deal and to cultivate a happy customer base. The published and positive customer reviews of my transactions will confirm how satisfied my buyers are with the products I sell, and with the honest, straightforward and respectful manner in which I communicate with them. Any person who trades with me can expect to be treated with fairness and honesty: a formula which will never change!